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Roger L. Echols has been creating spoken-word poetry and songs for many artists, friends, and loved ones for over twenty years.

He started putting more emotion and feelings in his words after his brother's death in 1997.

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Reader's Testimonial


“Roger writes with such compassion and love. He sets the mood for each poem and he inspires you to want to read more. This is indescribable talent that has been hidden for so long. I’m happy to finally read this long awaited book.”

—Pearl Mifflin—Bristol, Connecticut


“Roger is creative, passionate, and caring with a gift… and talent… that has amazed me and deeply touched my heart. Roger brings such unique essence to his poetry book “In A Year’s Time”. This book will touch hearts far beyond the walls of a corporation. It is of course, a tribute springing from love, but his words will also resonate in the heart of everyone who reads them.”

—Theresa Scalia—Cromwell, Connecticut


“Roger’s poetic expressions demand to be read aloud, with lines of perfect, unforced delivery of a snapshot of vital metaphors, expressing the poetic viewpoint which makes this serious poet’s work different from amateurs, or those searching for written aspirations. For Roger, these vital representations lead to the authentic form of expression, with the manifestation allowing the poet to move past himself and into sharing with “the individual readers, the infinite, the immortal,” and the understanding of ourselves as human.”

—Rory T. Edwards—Los Angeles, California