We all can feel the choke in our throats
as we sit back listening to words that help us cope.
Fight, stay strong, life must go on.
Words of comfort when someone passes on
I feel like there’s shadows right beside me,
sometimes with intentions that they all want to fight me…

I’m tear’in and fear’in from the things I kept on hold.
I’m hearing and stare’in in the direction of cheer’in souls…
A step away from the life so desired
I’m sorry my efforts weren’t much higher
I’ll still give up all that I have
to make more time of what we had
No where to turn with less places to go,
leaves a road of endless light that never seems to glow…

Winds talk in between my walk and stalk me till I reach my end. Then I come to a halt thinking I may have caught up with someone that could be my friend. Although it could be the end, and if so, I wanted to go holding my pad and pen, but quickly it did it again, a chill from within but now on my chin… making me grin… And that’s how I know it has to be him.

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